Sex Tips that Every Couple Should Know

Almost all couples think about how to diversify sex life sooner or later. This is natural because sex with the same partner really turns into a routine over time. Someone gets bored after five to seven years together, someone – in ten. But still, it happens. The most obvious (and, unfortunately, effective) way out is to cheat, but what kind of relationship can we talk about then?

Nevertheless, if you seriously think about how to diversify sex, but don’t want to lose your soul mate, we have great news: there are a number of simple but guaranteed effective tips that will bring real diversity to “bedtime” with a partner. New sensations, new feelings, new emotions – and this is only the beginning of your sexual experiments with russian women to marry.

1. New location and entourage. Buy a new bed and let it be something spectacular and romantic. But the bed is just the beginning. If you want to diversify sex with your girl, change the wallpaper, rearrange the furniture, throw out the old desktop and create a new image for your bedroom. It seems that this is a trifle, something external and not having much to do with your sex. But in fact, it’s just the opposite. You are tired of the fact that everything repeats over and over again, and the situation plays a key role here because 85% of information about the world around us is obtained through the organs of vision. It’s a fact.

2. Erotic massage. It sounds trite, especially when people speak about it even on TV but this method always works without fail. Light the candles and aroma lamps, turn on the appropriate music, buy special oil, and then... just do it nicely to your partner, hands will lead you to where you need to. Just don’t give such a massage before going to bed after a hard day because your soulmate will simply fall asleep and it will be hard to blame her!

3. An unusual snack. Have you ever eaten from the body of your sweetheart? By the way, in Japan, there is a whole ritual, during which a naked girl is “served” with sushi. Yes, it usually appears just as foreplay. But you can eat anything, it really excites!

4. Movies for adults. Many couples also know this method: they use porn as foreplay. It is important only to include a picture that will suit both. That is, for example, if your girlfriend doesn’t accept anal sex, the appearance of that on the screen will clearly not excite her. It is better to watch not porn itself but traditional erotica. You can find a movie for every taste.

5. Masturbation. But we are talking not about reciprocal one as it often happens during “traditional” foreplays. In this case, everyone is engaged in “their own business”, and even if you initially feel a little shy, this feeling will quickly pass. Few couples don’t even think about it and yet, sexologists recommend this method not only if you want to diversify sex in a couple. This is very effective from the point of view that by observing one another during this occupation, you really get to know your partner better, begin to understand which movements she likes best. This literally opens up a “new horizon”, including in traditional sex.

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