How to Improve Sex Life with a Girlfriend

After reading the blogs and studying the advice of the most famous sexologists, we want to open the small rules for amazing and steep sex with your girlfriend, even if you have one month relationship.

1. Use your breath.
But don’t do it like an animal. In the process of foreplay, warm her breasts, belly, palms, wrists and ears with your breath. Make a small tsunami in the genital area. She will gladly appreciate the “catastrophe” of such a scale.

2. Talk openly about your fantasies.
And you will be surprised at what a joyful response to your proposals you can get. And life is too short to wait for the first hints and steps.

3. Each woman has a unique physiology.
lation of which give a lot of pleasure.

5. Find a right way of playing with her breast.
Alternate tenderness with rigidity, ice and oral caresses, and so on. Such contrast has driven not one girl crazy.

6. Create a romantic atmosphere.
Let your appearance pleases her eye. Use a high-quality perfume or, at least, let your body smell with purity. Turn on some music, eat chocolate, and of course, don’t forget about touching.

7. Attention to the clitoris is another right way.
Lick your finger and proceed, carefully watching the reaction of a girl. The method of a playful finger means that you spend at least 15 minutes paying attention to her clitoris. And don’t be afraid to ask about her feelings.

8. Have sex in public, in the shower, on the kitchen table – in any not too traditional places.
This is adrenaline, variety, extreme and new experiences.

9. Do not take off her lingerie.
Do a small torture for her – teasing and stroking her through lingerie. This will create tedious anticipation and when direct contact takes place, it will bring much more pleasure than usual.

10. Start with the massage. Preheat her body and muscles, alternating gentle strokes and light slaps.

11. Sleep naked.
The excitement caused by temporary blindness raises the level of adrenaline. Let the bandage be of soft silk, this will add sensuality and new sensations.

13. Turn off the light.
This will allow both of you to fully focus on the sensations and each other.

14. Play games.
They are able to diversify and revitalize even the dullest cases. You can start with whispering dirty words. But watch the reaction, here the main thing is not to overdo.

15. Try to satisfy her using a vibrator.
Nobody doubts your abilities, but many women, describing their fantasies, dream that their partner will use a vibrator during sex. And don’t forget that the best sex for a girl is with someone with whom she feels the most beloved, desired and adored.

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