He Drives Me Crazy!

I had a good career with London escorts, but when I met Mike I knew that he was the right man for me. We dated for about four months, and then he asked me if I would leave London escorts. I was thinking about leaving anyway, and it was not such a big deal. I told Mike that I would rent my own place out and live in his lovely luxury apartment. That was not a problem at all, and I moved in about two weeks later.

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Mike is the most caring man that I have ever met. The only problem is that he goes a bit over the top when it comes to looking after me. I know how to look after myself since I worked for London escorts for some time, but he continues to worry about me. It drives me mad at time, and I am not sure how I am going to cope with it. I know that he is not trying to control what I do, but there are times when it all feels like that.

He worries that I am lonely when he goes away on business. I realised that he was going to travel on business and that is why I found myself a little job. Sure, I guess I could have done some work for London escorts, but I don’t feel like it is for me anymore. Instead I work for a local supermarket. Mike says that I don’t need to work, but like I keep telling him, I honestly feel that I need to work, and I get a kick out working for the supermarket. Like I have said to Mike, I really love meeting people and this gives me a chance to do that.

Not only do I work in the supermarket, but I have started my own little business as well. When I am not in the supermarket, I go around and clean for older people. I love hooking up with older people, and I do pretty well from both of my jobs. Some of the older people would like me to shop for them, so I do that instead. Before I joined London escorts I had always wanted to work with older people, and now I have a chance to do so. I help them with all sorts of things, and even drive them to the hospital to help.

Mike thinks that I am nuts, but I don’t ant to stay in the apartment on my own all day. It is not easy to spend all day on your own, and I would get bored. I know that it would cause relationship problems so I have told Mike that I need to work. Not only have I worked for London escorts, but I have also worked for a lot of other adult business. I love being busy, and this is one way that I can be busy and enjoy myself at the same time as well. It is nice to have a chat, and I am pretty sure that I fulfill some sort of social function in the life of the people I meet.

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Arguing is not good for your karma

I am not a person who enjoys conflict at all. Rather than having an argument with one of the girls here at London escorts, I would rather walk away from conflict. I have always been that way and I don’t think that I will change. Some people say that I don’t stand up for myself, but I very much think that I am living my own life to my terms. Interestingly enough, I am the girl who has been with this London escorts service for the longest.

Another thing that I really hate is bitchiness. I am not saying that all London escorts are bitchy but many of them are. That is another thing that can lead to a lot of arguments. A couple of the girls that I work with here at London escorts really seem to run each other down and slag off each other. They have tried it do it to me, but it does not bother me in the slightest. At the end end of the day, I think it is all about self confidence and knowing what you are all about. Once you get things right in your head, you don’t have to worry about stuff like that.

When I had a room mate, I found that she wanted to argue with me all of the time. She was rather nice, but she just had this personality which was a bit “hot” so to speak. You could not just have a conversation with her like you could an other person. Everything became an argument. In the end I used to feel stressed out when I went into London escorts so I got rid of her. Feeling stressed when you work for London escorts is not a good idea and I was not going to put up with it at all. Now I live on my won and feel so much better for doing so.

I am not saying that all people like to argue but many people do seem to like to argue. A couple of the gents that I date at London escorts say that they like to argue. It is not good for them and a couple of them even suffer from high blood pressure. The truth is that arguing can lead to you abusing your own body. Sure, I stand up for myself but I don’t argue. The most powerful word that you can use is no, and that is what I keep telling my colleagues at charlotte London escorts about. Very few people argue with the word NO.

Living your life in harmony is a much better idea. I think it gives you good Karma and your health suffers less. I always look for ways to make my life less stressful and more fulfilling. Not arguing with others is one of those ways. You will find that you have more energy to do other things and in general, you will enjoy life a lot more. So next time before you have an argument, ask yourself if you really need to do so.