Sex A Risky Business These days

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A lot of ladies have written into the Better Sex Guide and expressed a concern about sex. Many of them say that sex is becoming a really risky business, and the truth is that a lot of South London escorts agree with them. Meeting men can be ad dangerous thing these days, and of course the average lady does not have the protection of a South London escorts agency.

The vast majority of South London escorts agencies think that ladies who date a lot do not take enough protection. Escorts agencies, including South London escorts agencies, do take the time out to vet dates and find out a bit more about them. Escorts in South London are better protected than many single ladies that date.

Risk of dating

Life has changed a lot, and is getting tougher to meet new people. It is especially difficult for single ladies looking for love. Most women like to think they can trust they gorgeous guy that they have just met, but can they?

How much do you really know about the guy who chatted you up in the supermarket? He may have looked really nice and sounded okay, but who is he really? Many of these kind of meetings have end in tears. In the United States, there is now a big trend towards finding out more about your new partner. Local sheriff departments have come up with a safe date guide, and it sounds like a really good idea to me.

Dating Safely

Of course, you should be going out on dates, we all need companionship but you should be a little bit careful at the same time. If, this is a new person to you and you don’t have any friends in common, perhaps you should take a few precautions.

First of all, you should meet on neutral ground. Don’t agree to come to his home or invite him to yours. Meet somewhere there is other people, and the best place to meet is always a restaurant or coffee shop. This gives you an opportunity to check him out and find out a little bit more about him. He may be perfectly okay, but do you really know that. There are a lot of things that you should be asking yourself.

Also, you may want to think twice before jumping in his car. United States police say that a lot dates go wrong this way, and unless you are really sure about your new man, you shouldn’t get into his car. Once you are in his car you are a captive audience, and Las Vegas police say that a lot of ladies have ended up more than being captive a man’s captive audience.

It is a brave new world we live in. We seem to have come such a long way but at the same time our world is now very frightening. Somehow, we seem to have lost control and are now closer to sex pests, and people with strange ideas, than ever before. We can’t isolate ourselves but we can certainly help to protect ourselves a bit better.

Successful Management Of Conflict Within Relationships

Conflict is a normal part of most relationships as two people will very rarely have the same views and opinions about absolutely everything. If conflict is handled properly it doesn’t need to be a major issue and can actually help to strengthen a relationship, however if it is dealt with in the wrong way it can cause great unhappiness and prove to be very destructive.

By learning skills for effective conflict resolution you will be able to build stronger bonds within your relationships; the following points provide more information.

1. Be Open to the Needs of Others

Conflict arises from difference in opinion, being open to listening to someone else’s needs and ideas shows that you have respect for their feelings, and in turn they will be more likely to listen to your point of view. When both partners value each other’s opinions and feeling they are more likely to be able to reach a compromise without resorting to arguments or ultimatums.

2. Don’t Ignore Signs of Conflict

A conflicting opinion on a subject often goes a little deeper than a simple disagreement and a similar situation is likely to arise again, especially if it involves something important to you such as your values, religion, culture or beliefs. If you try to ignore situations like this they will become worse over time and be likely to cause an explosive argument, it is a good idea to try and deal with the first signs of conflict when they appear before any tension begins to build up.

3. Try to View Conflict Positively

If you are able to successfully solve conflict within your relationship it will help you to feel more secure that it can survive challenges and stand the test of time, and also help build a sense of trust and intimacy.
Try not to perceive conflict something that has to lead to arguments and confrontation, especially if you have had difficult experiences in the past, instead view it as an opportunity to learn from each other and maintain the balance within your relationship.

4. Be Assertive

Be clear about your needs and open about how you feel. Use language that explains your point of view assertively such as ‘I feel hurt you forgot my birthday’ instead of using emotional or aggressive wording like ‘You forgot my birthday to hurt me’, by simply paying attention to how you put your message across you will sound a lot more reasonable and be a lot less likely to argue.

5. Make time to Talk

Trying to discuss important matters when other things are going on around you is never a good idea; it can generally lead to confusion and stress. Pick a good time to discuss any conflicting opinions, make sure you aren’t likely to be disturbed and that you are both able to relax and take as long as you need. Discussing problems in the right environment makes them a lot more likely to be resolved calmly.
Hopefully this article has provided you with some helpful advice and guidance to resolve any conflicts that may arise within your relationships more effectively, and shown that conflict can be a positive part of building a long lasting, trusting relationship.


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